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Calorie Per Dollar List

Eat For 21 Dollars A Week. 3 Years ago, my wife and I were starting Grad School, and we needed to save $30,000 a year.

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Alcohol Per Dollar List

Having a hard time choosing what to drink? Skip the math and get the results to find out the most cost effective drinks.

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Caffeine Per Dollar List

After a weekend of lots of coffee, CPD cream, and CPD sugar - we have our Caffeine Per Dollar List.

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Paper Products Per Dollar

Does your preferred paper product brand really stand behind their promise? - The math is in!

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What is EIE?

There are many problems that come up at home, and everyone seems to have different solution. I’m here to provide you the mathematically proven answer.

How can you gather all the data, given your job, your family, obligations, and hobbies?

Instead of blindly going through life, wasting time on non-value added tasks and needless expenses…

Join the Efficiency Is Everything newsletter (its free), and you will get the data I’ve been collecting for years, real world applications you will use daily, and Engineering driven lifehacks that are quick to learn and easy to apply.

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Efficiency Blog

Pareto Your Appearance

Learn the 20% of your appearance people notice. Skip to save time on the other 80%

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Pizza Per Dollar

Comparison of Pizza resturants, find out your best Pizza for your buck

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Nutrient Per Dollar

The Ultimate Guide To Low Cost Eating- Data Driven and Delicious

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Should You Shop For Gas?

Save Money On Gas- Or Save Your Time. The Math and Probabilities

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Taco Bell Per Dollar

Eat Mas- Save Money at Taco Bell, Calorie and Protein Per Dollar.

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2x Valuable Driving

Instead of 'just driving' add Audio to entertain, educate, and grow.

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Protein Per Second

(Part 1) We take a look at the fastest, most available sources of protein. Comparing Cost, Calories, and Speed.

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Double Your Reading Speed

Using technology we instantly remove a former bottleneck in reading.

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McDonald's Per Dollar List

Cheapest McDonald’s Food - Calorie and Protein Per Dollar at the largest fast food chain.

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Mrs. Efficiency Thoughts

Guest article from none other than my wife, Dr. Mandy Kirk. Applied to your daily routine.

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2017 Goals, Targets, and Site Updates

Setting specific, measurable, and achievable goals in life will help reach your overall targets efficiently.

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INFINITY Calories Per Dollar AKA Free Food

Using data to determine what is TRULY free food - Don’t be fooled when you hear ‘Buy one, get one free’.

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Environmentally Questionable

Disposable Dining Ware Per Dollar List - Saving time using plastic, or saving money washing dishes?

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FEATURED Podcast Interview

Listen to an interview loaded with Efficiency tips with Dennis from Grounded Reason.

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How To Easily Cook Lentils

73 Grams of Protein Per Dollar and cooks in 15 minutes - A look into the data behind a super efficient food.

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Error Proof Your Shower to Save 300 Hours

Using assembly line processes to streamline your shower routine and save time! All you need is a crayon.

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Protein Powder Per Dollar

An instant, low-cost, and healthy alternative - A guide to efficient protein supplements.

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Lost My Job Went to Italy

Tips to live on 19,000 dollars a year so you can always be free to visit Europe

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Watch A 3 Hour Movie In 2 Hours

More jokes, more laughs, more drama, more suspense – same time.

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Save 12 hours A Week Sleeping

4 tips on how to fall asleep fast and the data behind a biphasic sleep schedule.

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5 Cooking Cheat Codes That Taste Good

Entertaining to impress? Never cooked before but want something that tastes awesome? Make food taste good by cheating.

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Applying Protein Per Dollar

Using my extensive list of items, I’ve developed processes to prepare protein cost effectively during my diets.

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Save Time and Money Right Now By Reading This

This is my blog about how I apply engineering principles to my life using statistics and data.

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Use Engineering at Home

More Money

By using metrics and statistics we find the most efficient ways to live life.

Find Time

With a factory background, I implement these time saving methods at home. Saving seconds will save weeks over the course of your lifetime.

Data Driven

I’m a huge data skeptic. I see studies and I want to know their methodology. All articles provide the excel file so you can do your own engineering.

Save Hours Now

We apply assembly line principles to watching Netflix. Use Statistics to minimizing cleaning frequency.

Realistic and Comfortable

Quality is the engineering term. Low quality outliers exist in data, but we include quality measures to help us form the best solution. We have specifications for life!


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